"I get my haircut next door at 'the Parlor' and my barber recommended that i go see Janine about, for lack of better words, my poor skin. I was a little sketch at first about dropping money on something for 1, I've never done and two you never know if there is a kick back for a referral from a neighboring business.
Janine offers up to 50% off discounts for first time clients, so i figured i'd check it out.
Location - downtown Concord, directly across from a FREE parking garage in Todos Santos Park. Anyone familiar with Concord would know that this location is always happening with farmers markets, events and eateries.
Service - Ill start with that i'm am totally new to all of this. It was nice to find out that this place specializes in men's face care. I went with the normal 'gentlemen' facial, takes about an hour, but it's well worth the time. Janine was extremely knowledgeable, while going through the process she explained all the steps and products she applies to you. She went into depth on what exactly everything was for and how it works. Again, this is very reassuring for someone who has never done this. She has a very gentle touch and it was very much so a relaxing experience. After everything was done, Janine also taught me how to maintain my newly renewed skin.
Price - I don't have anything to compare it to since this was my first time. But i would say that the first time client discount def helps out and it well worth giving it a shot.
I'll speak for myself, but i think most men would agree that after getting a haircut they feel like a brand new man. I would say that after getting a fresh cut and then getting a facial on top of it will make you feel like your on the top of the world! I will definitely make it a habit to visit this place every few months. Thanks again!"



"This place is AMAZING!  I've had facials, peels and eyelash extensions.  These ladies really care about what's important to you and that you receive the results that you're looking for.  I'm doing a series of peels and my skin is transforming.  The eyelash extensions were great and it was nice not to have to wear mascara and it saves a lot of time getting ready in the morning. :)"


"The girls here are amazing. Prices are affordable but the quality is top of line. They do everything from lash extensions to peels and they sell the cutest little bows that im addicted to."